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Format: 2018
Format: 2018


T.O.C. Tersteegen Office Centre. Düsseldorf

After the relocation to the Medical Administration Center planned by RKW, the previous site became free for a new building, which is now used by KPMG Audit Tax Advisory with 800 workplaces covering 19,500 m2 of GFA. Since the 1960s residential and commercial buildings have mixed here within a framework of majestic trees and some luscious vegetation. The pronged first structure of the T.O.C. reaches across Tersteegenstrasse, fitting its counterpart opposite like a key in a lock. The second part of the T.O.C. is in the shape of a cube and is viv- idly coordinated to the heterogeneous neighbouring development. Both buildings are embedded in a luxurious garden which emphasises the "flow" of the land, forming an outstanding location. The folded facade development provides the greatest possible surface between inside and out with a high degree of natural comfort for the employees. In design terms the visual effect of the facade is reduced. As a dark screen it becomes an elegant background to the special feature of the location-a magnificent population of trees in the middle of the city. The facades surrounding the courtyards are structured by resplendent, wing-like ribbons integrated into the sunshade system.


The outward- facing gable facades are accentuated as images whose theme is ,,room and atmosphere". The facade of the cube building provides an alternative to the horizontality of its environment with its multilayer shimmering legibility. The strong segmentation of the building structure into different sections is beneficial to the complex space allocation plan of KPMG. The entrance courtyard in Tersteegenstrasse leads into the generously sized semi-public areas of special use, such as the lecture theatre, cafeteria, large conference area and central administration units. A 100 metre long main corridor provides access to all rooms on the upper floors. This is a multiple-use zone, distributor and the actual backbone of office organisation. In the "finger-like" parts of the building adjacent to the main corridor there are quiet, reversible office spaces facing the garden courtyards. The meander and cube building are connected together by means of a glass bridge. Spatial quality as the guiding theme of the ensemble is consolidated by the nature of the surfaces, the structure and gloss level of the colours, as well as the precise illumination. Glistening silver, deep Pacific blue and radiant ice blue create an atmosphere of concentration and expansion.