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Format: 2018
Format: 2018


PGE-ARENA​. Danzig

As the venue for the 2012 European Football Championships, the PGE Arena in Gdansk will become the international flagship for the whole of Poland - and for RKW. The stadium, which was opened in summer 2011, is oriented towards two scenes which are typical for the region. On the one hand its shape and colour emulate the typical local amber. The architecture seems smoothed and rounded from the water, the sand and the wind. A cover made of polycarbonate lends transparency, lightness and amber luminosity to the façade. For this, the lustrous outer shell is comprised of a range of six differently tinted module varieties which, combined, create a homogenous gradient colour. This gives the sports facility and its over 43,000 seats its landmark identity. The second aspect that is added is the resident shipbuilding industry and the shipyards as an important cultural site of Polish modernity. Consequently, the filigree supporting structure of the arena is reminiscent of a ship's hull with its ribs and planking. The result is a multi-purpose arena which complies with UEFA criteria which not only for the duration of the EURO 2012 provide a unique backdrop by the Baltic Sea, but which, thanks to its many features and accessibility, is to establish itself lastingly as an ideal location for concerts and other events.