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Format: 2018
Format: 2018


Court of Appeals​. krakau

In their capacity as places of justice, court buildings have special requirements: contemporary standards of comfort and efficiency must be met with great seriousness and representative aesthetics. Located in the city centre and close to other court buildings and the Public Prosecutor's Office, the Court of Appeals in Krakow presented an exciting challenge. The 8000 m² square-shaped site is situated on one of the city's main junctions and was to offer space for training premises and a hotel in addition to the court building. The result is a harmonious and confidence-inspiring ensemble that is characterized by simplicity of form and fits smoothly into the surrounding architecture. 
At the heart of the ensemble is the court building with its imposing main entrance to the west. Its interior is organized around two large atriums. The courtrooms, witness rooms and a café are situated on the ground floor, with prestige rooms such as the presiding judges' chambers offering an attractive view of the front square on the west side. A rectangular wing along the southern perimeter of the site contains the training centre and its open auditoriums and a direct link to the neighbouring hotel on the ground floor. In between, a long public square offers the ideal location for cafés and eating places.