Our Company
RKW Architektur + have marked the development of contemporary residential and working environments for 65 years. Established in Düsseldorf by Helmut Rhode in 1950, the office is managed today by a community of eight shareholders spanning generations. We operate world-wide out of our five locations - the head office in Düsseldorf as well as offices in Berlin, Leipzig Munich and Münster. For over 10 years we have been very focused on Eastern Europe and are represented in Warsaw and Moscow. Employees originating from 25 nations form a vivacious microcosm of personal resources and professional expertise which tie us closely to social developments and contemporary demands on architecture. 
The development and interconnection of ever-new fields of competencies form the basis of our capability: for the assignment and the client as well as regarding the commitment towards users of our buildings and the public. For this reason we operate in all areas of architecture, interior design and urban development. Our spectrum covers office and administration buildings, high-rises, shopping malls, department stores and residential construction as well as utilisation concepts, product development, product design and general planning.
RKW Architektur + is considered one of Germany's most successful architectural offices. Over 100 awards from national and international competitions testify to our influence on the character of architecture, including more than 50 first prizes and many awards for exemplary buildings.

Architecture and Service
We understand service as the conviction of every employee at RKW Architektur +. As creative and innovative designers we present and control the entire architectural process. We accompany and lead our principals through all classic performance phases, and beyond. This includes especially economic thinking with the client in mind, and the indication of alternatives and their consequences.
The concentration of many different areas of expertise - design, planning, visualisation, model-making, construction management, construction supervision, general planning - at our company guarantees the integral handling of any project by fulfilling every building mission individually and comprehensively. Ever since, we have worked with a number of renowned builders. The long-term support and joint development has produced comprehensive know-how and a repertoire of experience.

The assignments submitted to us are highly diverse, as are our project solutions. Our company employs people from a variety of different cultures, language circles and sociologies. We foster this diversity. We abolish the fixation on a specific style and enjoy the willingness to think anew time and again.