RKW Architektur + was formed in 1971 from the shared architectural practice of Rhode, Kellermann, Wawrowsky. Today the 270-strong architectural practice, one of Germany's most successful and innovative, is managed by eight partners. Its headquarters is in Düsseldorf, with other offices in Leipzig, Munich,Warsaw and Moscow.

On the international stage as well, RKW Architektur + is counted among those architects who have left their stamp on the character of contemporary architecture. This is evident from well over 100 awards received in national and international competitions, with more than 50 being first prizes and many others awarded for exemplary building projects. 
Working for private and public clients, RKW Architektur + is active in all areas of design and planning. The range of projects includes offices and administration buildings for commercial and insurance companies, high rise buildings in Germany and elsewhere, shopping centres, retail halls, department stores and infrastructure projects, town and landscape planning, product design and overall project planning.
Whether it is the ARAG Tower, Düsseldorf, the Medical Practitioners' Council building in Düsseldorf, the Vodafone high rise Düsseldorf, the government quarter Düsseldorf, the MIPIM award-winning Sevens shopping mall Düsseldorf, the CENTRO Oberhausen, or the Douglas headquarters building in Hagen, which won the German prize for architecture, RKW Architektur + critically examines the questions of large scale aesthetics, the relationships between interior and exterior spaces, the division of open spatial structures and the harmony of proportions. The architecture produced by the company is perfectly matched to its location, climate, use and the surroundings.

In urban design RKW Architektur + is heavily influenced by the model of the European city. It seeks to design public spaces and building developments that are sustainable for the future, flexible in use and fit for purpose. 
Experience in planning and design for retail clients over several decades provides a good basis for our treatment of urban space. Business has always been a core function of the city. 
First prize awards in urban planning competitions in Düsseldorf, Mülheim and most recently in Shanghai confirm the success of our approach.